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Corlane Sporting Goods Ltd.


Welcome To Corlane Sporting Goods!

Welcome to our website! Please note that due to the fluctuating U.S. dollar, some prices may be out of date, and are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for up to date pricing information.


Important Notice

There is currently a recall on HSM .300 Win Mag ammo, lot #0730-15. You should discontinue use of this ammunition due to excessive pressures. If you’ve purchased any from us, please contact us for replacements.


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Hot Products!


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Pop Packs!

This multi-variable and responsive training aid was developed by a Navy SEAL to facilitate cognitive shooting drills, refine marksmanship, and add another degree of fun to a day at the range.

Pop Packs are available in a box of 12 packs. Each pack has 1 of 12 unique variable arrangements consisting of different colors, shapes, and numbers. This variety is great for advanced defensive shooters practicing ‘call-out’ drills. Place the packs down range, and when the variable is called out from the firing line – race your friends to identify and engage the designated target! Not only is it a lot of fun, but it also reinforces positive identification as well as engaging the target until it is completely impacted. The end result is a highly visible pop! of environmentally safe gel that is water soluble and will not stain your clothes.

Pop packs illustrate the nuances of shooting, and are a great way to introduce children and beginners to the sport.



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Cool New Products!!


Browning's Winter Gunderland Rebate!

Save $100 on Shotguns, Save $75 on X-Bolt Rifles, Save $50 on AB3 Rifles & 1911-22 Pistols, save $25 on Buck Mark Pistols! Program runs from November 23 - December 31st, 2016

Winchester Holiday Savings Rebate!

Save $25 off SXP, save $50 on XPR, save $75 on SX3! Program runs from November 16 - December 31st, 2016. You can also save $50 on the 12 gauge Super X Pump Black Shadow - Program runs from November 23 - 27th, 2016

iHunt Game Call

Built by Ruger, this is the ultimate game call. Using either an Android or Apple App, you can control the game call from a distance, no cell service required! Comes pre-programmed with over 600 calls from 47 species. Only $79.99 !

Redefining Hands-Free Lighting - The Gearaid rechargeable LED lights will go anywhere! They re dimmable, and transforms into a lantern. Hang it, mount it, or angle it to illuminate any task or adventure. It's recharge off any USB port, so ditch the batteries.

Details on GearAid Lights



Product Highlight!


Corlane Sporting Goods carries thousands of products including: Metal Detectors, gold panning equipment, shotguns, rifles, and handguns, maps, hunting tags and fishing liscences, trapping gear, and 16+ lines of clothing. We are one of the largest hunting, fishing, gun stores in Western Canada!