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RiflesTikka T3 Rifles Other Tikka Rifles

Other Tikka Rifles

Other Tikka Rifles  

Tikka manufactures many versions of their T3 rifle for more specialty purposes, such as the heavy barrelled T3 Varmint and T3 Sporter models, as well as making compact models, and open-sight carbines. All of these guns maintain the excellent accuracy Tikka rifles are known for, as well as adding new features.

Tikka T3 CTR Arctic


New for 2016, the Tikka Arctic is a modified version of the CTR, based heavily on the winning design they submitted to the Canadian military as a replacement for the Rangers’ Lee-Enfields. With a short, medium-heavy barrel, integral rail, and 10 round detachable magazine system, the Arctic is a true jack of all trades.

Calibre Price UPC
.308 Win $2679.99 190019043997

Tikka T3 Battue Lite


Though capable of mounting optics, and retaining the typically exceptional T3 accuracy, the T3 Battue Lite is built around an innovative fibre optic open sight system. Designed to be used in thick brush, or at close ranges on moving targets, the Battue is a refreshing take on an old-school concept. These guns are currently only available as right handed models.

Calibre Price UPC
.300 WSM $899.99 686775004445

Tikka T3 Compact


The Tikka T3 Compact is designed for shooters with a shorter than average length of pull, with the rifle’s LOP coming in at around 12.5 inches, though spacers are included to lengthen this by roughly 1 inch. This particular model of Tikka is built only in smaller, lighter recoiling calibres. Currently, these guns are only available in right handed models.

Calibre Price UPC
.22-250 $829.99 686775041662
.243 Win $829.99 686775041679

Tikka T3 Stainless Varmint


The Tikka T3 Stainless Varmint is one of Tikka’s heavy barrelled options, designed for better heat resistance and increased follow up shot accuracy. Unlike many varmint style rifles, the T3 Varmint is available in Tikka’s full line of calibres, and in left or right hand models.

Calibre Left/Right Hand Price UPC
.22-250 Rem Right $1229.99 686775004599

Tikka T3 Sporter


Since the end of the Second World War, shooting has been considered one of Finnland’s national sports. As of such, it’s only natural that Tikka build a dedicated sporter style target rifle. These guns feature a full range of adjustment, and are available in a good selection of calibres. The full line of calibre options are also available in left or right hand.

Calibre Left/Right Hand Price UPC
.223 Rem Left $1999.99 686775031120

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