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RiflesTikka T3 Rifles Tikka T3 Right Hand Rifles

Tikka T3 Right Hand Rifles


PLEASE NOTE: The T3 has been discontinued in favour of the T3x. Any new stocks of Tikka rifles available to us are T3x series, which can be seen here: T3x Rifles.

The Tikka T3 represents rifle design at it’s most streamlined. T3 rifles are well built, accurate, lightweight, and very simple. Available in a variety of styles, from the utilitarian blued/synthetic models to the attractive stainless/laminate models, and capable of outshooting far more expensive guns, the Tikka T3 is an incredibly good choice for anyone, be they dedicated, experienced shooters looking for extreme factory accuracy, or casual novices looking for one rifle to last them a lifetime.

Tikka T3 Lite Stainless

Tikka T3 Lite Stainless

The Tikka T3 Stainless is a lightweight, all weather rifle capable of going anywhere in any condition, while still delivering whatever sort of performance you demand of it. These rifles are available in a wide variety of calibres.

Calibre Price UPC
.223 Rem $999.99 686775004278
.270 WSM $1029.99 686775004360
.300 WSM $1029.99 686775004377

Tikka T3 Laminate

Tikka T3 Laminate Stainless

The Tikka T3 Laminate is designed for shooters who want a tough all-weather gun that looks and feels a little fancier than the basic synthetic/stainless model. Laminate combines the advantages of synthetic with the attractiveness and ergonomics of a wood stock, while not significantly increasing the rifle’s weight.

Calibre Price UPC
.300 Win $1249.99 686775004056
.338 Win $1249.99 686775004063

Tikka T3 Stainless Hunter

Tikka T3 Stainless Hunter

The Tikka T3 Stainless Hunter combines the modern convenience of stainless steel with the traditional look and feel of a wood stock. These attractive rifles make for a very functional, sharp looking rifle.

Calibre Price UPC
.300 WSM $1029.99 686775003769

Tikka T3 Camo Stainless


The Tikka T3 Camo Stainless is essentially a standard stainless/synthetic T3 that has been given an attractive winter camo hydrodip finish.

Calibre Price UPC
.270 WSM $1159.99 686775004544

Tikka T3 Lite

Tikka T3 Lite

The Tikka T3 Lite is a simple, affordable, basic T3. Weighing in at roughly five and a half pounds, and shockingly accurate, these guns represent an excellent value for the money.

Calibre Price UPC
.243 Win $889.99 686775004100
.270 WSM $819.99 686775004162
7mm Rem Mag $909.99 686775004186
.300 WSM $909.99 686775004179
.338 Win $909.99 686775004209

Compact, heavy barrel, and other “specialty” model Tikkas can be found over here.  

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