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RiflesWinchester Rifles Winchester Lever Action Rifles

Winchester Lever Action Rifles


Winchester has built many famous guns over the years, but none more so than their lever action rifles. Tracing their roots back to the New Haven Arms Company, manufacturers of the revolutionary 1860 Henry rifle, Winchester has always held a reputation as THE lever action rifle company. A later partnership with John Browning solidified their standing as the finest manufacturer of lever action rifles in the world.

Though manufacturing has since been moved out of the U.S., the Winchester brand is as strong as ever, and modern materials and production techniques have allowed Winchester to build even better quality rifles than back in their “golden days”.


Winchester Model 1886


The Model 1886 was the first repeater designed by John Browning after he partnered with Winchester in 1883. Winchester had long sought to build a lever action firearm capable of chambering the powerful .45-70 cartridge, and with the 1886, this ambition was finally realized. A well balanced and sleek rifle with very comfortable handling characteristics, and strong enough to chamber even today’s smokeless cartridges, the 1886 represents a turning point in lever action design.

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Winchester Model 1894


Ask anyone to picture a cowboy rifle, and you’ll find that it’s usually the Winchester Model 94 that comes to mind. Though not “The Gun That Won The West”, the 94 is such a ubiquitous and useful rifle, not to mention so often shown in films and TV shows, that it is synonymous with the words “lever action”. The 1894 is another Browning design, and the first gun of it’s kind to chamber a smokeless cartridge – the still popular .30-30.

Model Calibre Price UPC
1894 Short Rifle .30-30 Win $1439.99 048702119583

Winchester 1873


The 1873 is also known as “The Gun That Won The West”, which should say something about what you can expect from one of these excellent rifles. Built around the original Winchester action mechanism, the 1873 is one of the potentially fastest and smoothest cycling lever guns around. Originally designed for cartridges such as the .44-40 and .32-20, the modern production ’73 has been updated to more common and powerful chamberings such as .45 Colt and .357 Magnum, as well as retaining the .44-40 chambering that made it famous. Better metalworking techniques allow for these guns to be stronger than ever, and several small improvements to the safety system make it both a practical choice for a variety of uses, as well as an interesting one.

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Winchester Model 1892


The 1892 was developed in a matter of weeks by John Browning as a lighter, smaller calibre version of the 1886. Easily the most copied lever gun in the world, clones of the ’92 are made in varying quality by no less than a half dozen other companies. Boasting an excellently strong action design capable of handling modern cartridges not even imagined in Browning’s day, the ’92 has not only withstood the test of time, but has benefitted from it, with chamberings such as .44 Magnum making this an incredibly versatile, easily portable multi-purpose rifle.

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