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Custom Rifle Building

Our own in-house brand of top of the line Rocky Mountain Rifles. Let's get your build started today!

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Huskemaw Optics

Looking to set up a long range shooting system? Look no further!.

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Bargain Bin

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Corlane Sporting Goods Ltd. Canada

Welcome To Corlane Sporting Goods!

Welcome to our website! Please note that due to the fluctuating U.S. dollar, some prices may be out of date, and are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for up to date pricing information.

We Now Have Tannerite!


Tannerite is the leading brand of explosive reactive target. Safe, affordable, and fun, this is just what you need if you’re tired of walking 800 yards to see how well you grouped, or if you just have some stumps you need to remove.

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HECS Stealthsuits Are Now In!


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Factory Stocks For Remington 700 


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 Pulsar Night Vision Sale


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Huskemaw 10×42 HD Blue Diamond Binoculars


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Beretta DT-10 Trident

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 Tactical Blue Diamond 1-6×24 LR Scope


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  Tactical Blue Diamond 5-30×56 Scope


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Weatherby Ammo Sale

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Images Corlanes stocks a large selection of fishing rods and reels for both flyfishing, lake fishing and even saltwater fishing when you travel. One of the most popular brands that we carry include Diawa. If you are serious about fishing, we recommend you stop by the store to see all of the products we have on display and by all means feel free to pick up a rod or a reel and feel the quality that is available.

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Images We can provide the proper manuals and the dates for local courses with local pro’s. Read More
Images Non-Restricted courses for Rifles, Shotguns etc are avialable. Ask at the counter for manuals. Read More
Images We can also provide you with the latest information on the CORE courses with dates and costs. Read More

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Corlane Sporting Goods is associated with Huskemaw Canada? We are one of the largest hunting, fishing, gun stores in western Canada!