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Beretta Semi-Auto Shotguns

Beretta Semi-Auto Shotguns


While Beretta is well known for the wide variety of firearms they make, their semi-automatic shotguns stand out as one of the top brands currently available. With innovative features, rock solid reliability, and a wide variety of models, guns from the Beretta lineup are equally at home on the skeet range, in the duck blind, or hunting upland game.


The A400 line is Beretta’s flagship shotgun series, and is king amongst gas-operated semi-automatics. Built in a huge variety of models, from guns with traditional styling, to modern synthetics, to lefthanded versions, there is an A400 for everyone. Most A400s are built with Beretta’s kick-off system, and will include a hard case and chokes.

Beretta A400 Xtreme Unico Max-5 Camo

Calibre Barrel Length Price UPC
12 GA 28 Inches $2209.99 686775044243

A400 Xtreme Unico Synthetic

Calibre Barrel Length Price UPC
12 GA 28 Inches $2029.99 686775028052

Beretta A400 Lite Sythetic

Calibre Barrel Length Price UPC
12 GA 28 Inches $1849.99 686775051852

A400 Xplor Left Hand

Calibre Barrel Length Price UPC
12 GA 28 Inches $1999.99 686775043215

Beretta A400 Xtreme Unico Optifade Camo

Calibre Barrel Length Price UPC
12 GA 28 Inches $2209.99 686775031113


The A300 series of guns represent Beretta’s A400 stripped down to the bare bones, and rebuilt as a quality semi-automatic with more entry level pricing. Several features are simplified, such as the Kick-Off system, and some, such as the magazine cut-off, are eliminated all together, but the barrelled action is essentially the same.

Beretta A300 Xtreme Outlander Camo

Calibre Barrel Length Price UPC
12 GA 28 Inches $1569.99 686775037665


Besides their A400s and A300s, Beretta makes several other lines of top quality semi-autos. These are generally either highly modified A400s designed for specific purposes, or a very specialized competition or trap guns.

Beretta 1301 Comp


Based around Beretta’s A300 style action, the 1301 Comp is specifically designed for competitive 3-Gun or other tactical style shooting. Featuring a short length of pull for easy maneuvering, oversized controls for easy of use, and coming from the factory drilled and tapped for easy optic mounting.

Calibre Barrel Length Price UPC
12 GA 21 Inches $1459.99 686775048081

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