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Brenda’s Attic

Brenda’s Attic


When inventory time rolls around each year, we finally get around to cleaning out the corners of our warehouse, and we’ll stumble across some old products that never made it to the floor, or that were tucked away in a corner in 2009 and simply forgotten about. After blowing the dust off them, we’ll put them into the attic. While most of the stuff here isn’t truly on sale, all of it carries some very old pricing from the good old days when the U.S. dollar wasn’t so fickle.


ATI Adjustable Shotgun Hunting Stock

  • Adjustable, with a cheek piece for comfortable shooting.
  • Comes with a variety of adapters to allow it to fit nearly any pump action shotgun.
  • Tough fiberglass/nylon construction.
  • Price: $139.99
  • UPC: 758152101006

Hi Viz AK-47/SKS Front Sight

  • Replaces factory sights with a bright green or red fibre optic sight.
  • Easy to install without a gunsmith.
  • Includes basic tools for installation.
  • Price: $29.99
  • UPC: 613485588118

ATI Halo 9 Shot Sidesaddle For Mossberg

  • Easy to mount to most Mossberg shotguns.
  • Holds a total of nine shots!
  • Top section acts as a picatinny rail, allowing easy optic mounting.
  • Price: $159.99
  • UPC: 758152130778

Real Avid Toolio Scope Mount Kit

  • Includes several Torx, Phillips, and flathead bits.
  • Also comes with a bubble level and blue lok-tite.
  • Whole package is small and easily portable.
  • Price: $49.99
  • UPC: 813119010996

SKB Hunter Double Rifle Case

  • Designed to fit two rifles or shotguns while keeping them secure and separate.
  • Internal dimensions – 49″Lx13″W
  • Built tough, and comes with a 5 year warranty.
  • Price: $199.99
  • UPC: 7892705114089
RCBS Reloading Dies
Calibre Price UPC
7.82 Lazzaroni Warbird FL Set $169.99 076683569271
.308 Norma Mag FL Set $89.99 076683156013
.300 RUM Neck Bushing Set $269.99 076683312068
Redding Reloading Dies
Calibre Price UPC
.30 TC $79.99 611760802362

RCBS Electronic Digital Micrometer

  • Outside micrometer 0-1″ range.
  • Accurate to .0001″
  • Measures in standard or metric.
  • Price: $124.99
  • UPC: 076683873200

RCBS Electronic Powder Trickler

  • Adjustable speed allows for everything from precision loads to quick plinking loads.
  • Can be programmed with multiple loads.
  • Price: $199.95
  • UPC: 076683989963

Frankford Arsenal Case Neck Lubricator

  • Designed for easy lubrication of case necks.
  • Includes a dry lubrication media, but is compatible with most wet lubricants.
  • Includes brushes for most common calibres
  • Price: $10.95
  • UPC: 661120439622

ammunitionbannerDONE copy
Brand Calibre Bullet Price UPC
Speer Lawman .45 GAP 200 gr TMJ $34.99 076683539809
Fiocchi .455 Webley 262gr LRN $55.99 762344002224
Hornady Custom .45 ACP +P 230 gr XTP $26.99 090255390964
Dynamit Nobel 8×57 JRS 196 gr SPRN $59.99 4000294118005
Norma 8×57 JRS 196 gr SP Alaska $34.99 7393923180182
Sellier & Bellot 9.3×62 285 gr SP $69.99 8590690332052
Sellier & Bellot 9.3x74R 285 gr SP $94.99 8590690332151


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