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Contact Page Special Order Policies

Special Order Policies

Can’t seem to find what you want? We can usually special order it for you! We are often asked about this process, so here are a couple FAQs/things worth noting about special orders:

We now require a deposit for special orders.

Typically, most special orders require a 25% deposit, part or all of which may be kept as a restocking fee in the event the specially ordered item is not picked up. Certain items may require a larger deposit.

We can usually cancel special orders if given enough notice.

If you decide you no longer want an item on special order, we can usually cancel an order with no fee charges provided we are given enough notice. Item has not already left the supplier, there are no restocking fees and we will not have had to pay shipping – in this case, we can return your deposit without any problems. If the item has already been shipped, or is here, we will have to keep part or all of the deposit as we need it to cover our costs.

Pricing is not a guarantee on special order quotes unless stated as such.

When a price is given for something we are trying to order for you, it is intended as a “rough estimate”, and subject to change unless otherwise stated by the person giving the quote. Some items are simply too affected by the U.S. dollar / brokerage / duty.

Most special orders can take up to a year. Some take longer.

One of the realities of being a gun buyer in Canada is that most items need to cross the border and this can make for a long wait time. Most items are “no ETA” items due to this. As with pricing quotes, please be aware that timeline estimates are simply that – estimates. While any given ETAs will be fairly accurate, all sorts of unforeseen things can happen during shipping (due to the production backlogs in the firearms industry right now, ETA is “estimated time of Apologies.”, so we ask that customers be patient with this process.

We do not always have access to everything.

Certain items very occasionally require specialized permitting, which we are not always equipped with. There are typically two routes we can take should this be an issue:

  1. We can pass the permitting costs on to you, the customer, as part of the final total for the item.

  2. We can get you in contact with one of our associate companies, such as Prophet River Firearms, who specialize in one-off imports and may be able to better help you.

Please contact us and we’ll see what we can do!

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