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Gunsmithing Price List

Gunsmithing Price List

Please note that below prices are intended as guidelines, and that some work may run more or less than the prices listed.


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Prices Are Subject To Change
Work Description Price
Accurizing – involves insuring all components are squared. This means cutting the bolt face, lapping lugs, cutting and squaring off the barrel, and then resetting headspace. $250.00
Barrel flutes – Accumark style flutes are standard, others may be available depending on barrel contour. We cannot currently do spiral barrel fluting, but may be able to order a pre-fluted barrel done in this manner. $275.00
Barrel installation – this rate applies to most guns. May be higher or lower for particular models. $275.00
Bead blast finish – removes shine from stainless barrels. $150.00
Bolt knob installation – includes knob. $125.00
Bluing – traditional hot gun bluing. $200.00
Cerakote finish – Tough, baked on ceramic finish. Very durable, highly resistant to weathering. Several colors are available, this price is for a whole rifle. Smaller jobs may be less. $300.00
Cut and crown barrel – Cut barrel to specified length and crown, or simply re-crown. $90.00
Drill and tap – Price is per hole. Most guns will require four holes for scope mounting. $25.00
Flute bolt body (spiral) – cut spiral flutes into the bolt body. Can be done on most guns, please contact us with any questions. $250.00
Flute bolt body (straight) – cut straight flutes into the bolt body. Can be done on most guns, please contact us with any questions. $100.00
Glass bedding – Reinforces and stiffens recoil lug engagement. Adding bedding compound to stiffen other areas of a gun, such as the foreend of a Savage Axis, may increase price. $100.00
Huskemaw data collection – Includes range fees, and full data collection. Does not include ammo costs. $300.00
Huskemaw turret build – Cost of only building a turret once data collection is complete, or if you’ve done your own data collection, or need a second turret with different altitude and temperature numbers. $50.00
Lapp scope rings – Ensures strong, solid contact between scope and mounts. $50.00
Muzzle brake installation – Greatly reduces recoil. We have multiple styles and various prices. Click here for more information. Click here for pricing
Powdercoat finish – Tough, baked on finish, highly resistant to weathering. Several colors available, this price is for a whole rifle. Smaller jobs may be less. $300.00
Muzzle brake cap – Removable, knurled cap to protect threads when muzzle brake is removed. $50.00
Rechamber – Rechambering to calibre of your choice. Please note that we cannot currently rebore barrels, and that this price is dependant on us having an appropriate reamer available. Please contact us with any questions. $200.00
Stock finish – Uses a very, very durable epoxy paint. Several styles and colors available – contact us for more information. $150-$300
Teflon finish – A water resistant finish. Price is for complete rifles, smaller jobs may be less. $250.00
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