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Night Vision


We carry a large selection of night vision products, ranging from traditional IR products to the latest and greatest digital designs. Perfect for predator control, emergency situations, or just watching the wildlife after dark.

Night vision products generally have a wide range of abilities and specifications. As of such, the information provided here is intended to give you a basic overview – further details on specific items can be found at the included links which lead to the manufacturer’s websites.

New to the night vision world? Our friends at General Starlight have prepared an excellent, comprehensive buyer’s guide that details what all those technical specs mean, and helps a new buyer find the system that is right for them. You can see that here: link to guide.

The General Starlight Company is one of the top manufacturers of high end night vision products, and one of the only manufacturers who produces all of their products right here in Canada.

While only certain products are displayed here, the full range they offer is quite extensive, and includes everything from quality mid-range products to high end, military grade items.

General Features

  • Top quality traditional night and thermal optics.
  • Designed and built in Canada.
  • Products used by military, law enforcement, and other government agencies around the world.
  • Excellent 7 year warranty against any defects.
  • ITAR (and headache) free!
  • Competitive pricing relative to other high end manufacturers.



The standard issue night vision goggle of the Canadian Forces, the PVS-7 is available with several optional extras, as well as several levels of intensifier tubes.
Price: Please contact us for pricing.
More Info Here


The PVS-14C is an incredibly versatile monocular. Capable of being used in a huge variety of roles, from hands-free monocular to stand alone weapon sight, the PVS-14C is an excellent choice for any application.
Price: Please contact us for pricing.
More Info Here


The PVS-31C-MOD is a binocular style system, allowing for increased depth perception and field of view. As with most other GSCI products, it is available with multiple intensifier tubes.
Price: Please contact us for pricing.
More Info Here


The WOLFHOUND is one of the few high quality thermal-based weapon sight systems available on the commercial market. As with most GSCI products, several versions are available with a wide variety of features.
Price: Please contact us for pricing.
More Info Here


Versatile, easy to use, and compatible with your existing optics, Nite Site nightvision offers an interesting solution to low light needs.

Build to clamp on to your traditional optic, the NiteSite series of optical accessoris allows an unprecedented level of ease of use, and versatility not usually found in traditional night vision optics.

General Features

  • Designed to work in concert with your existing optics.
  • Installs and uninstalls quickly and easily from your scope.
  • Excellent battery life – 5 hours or more.
  • Designed to work in temperatures ranging from -20 to 60 degrees.
  • Magnification capabilities are based off your existing optic, allowing a wider range than is found on most night vision optics.
  • An A/V port allows you to record what you’re seeing.


NiteSite Wolf

Designed as a multi-purpose mid-range model, the NiteSite Wolf grants shooters low-light capability out to roughly 350 yards. A large viewing screen makes it easy to line up your shots with a minimum of fuss.
UPC: 81113602001
More Info Here

  ATN Night Vision

For over 20 years, ATN has been a leader in nighttime and thermal imagining technology.

Typically, a shooter looking for low- or no- light capability has been limited to either spending a ton of money on proper Gen2+ nightvision, or has had to resort to less expensive, low quality, generally ineffective Gen1 or equipment. Now, taking advantage of several advancements in digital night vision, ATN has presented a third option with their X-Sight digital series, breaking fresh ground with optics that are versatile, effective, and well priced.

General Features

  • Variable magnification – something not found on most equivalently priced traditional NV optics.
  • Day and night capabilities. No longer are you limited to only using your optic at night.
  • Powered by the ATN Obsidian Core, a specialized computer that allows for no-lag clarity, as well as a host of other information to be supplied to the shooter.
  • Can be connected via WiFi to most phones and computers, allowing you to use your smartphone as a viewing device.
  • Internal sensors calculate everything from altitude to compass direction.
  • Can record 1080p HD video, as well as take pictures. Geotagging capabilities allow you to mark exactly where you saw the big buck.
  • Constant software updates may allow for even more features in the future.
  • A PC compatible UI allows for customization and modification of most settings.
  • Very competitive pricing!


3-12 ATN X-Sight

ATN 3-12 X-Sight

Provding much more advanced features than the price would indicate, the 3-12 X-Sight represents great bang for the buck. Comes with assorted cables, a detachable IR emitter, and a quickstart manual.
Price: $889.99
UPC: 658175112204
More Info Here

5-18 ATN X-Sight

Great for predator control, the 5-18 offers more magnification than virtual any other nighttime optic available on the market right now. Comes with assorted cables, a detachable IR emitter, and a quickstart manual.
Price: $966.99
UPC: 658175112228
More Info Here

ATN 5-18 X-Sight

4-16 ATN BinoX HD


The ATN BinoX HD could almost be called revolutionary. Featuring variable magnification, sharp images, and a 300 yard capable IR emitter, this is truly a “one size fits all” multipurpose binocular.
Price: $669.99
UPC: 658175117773
More Info Here


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