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We carry some used prohibited and non-prohibited pistols. Our list is updated frequently!

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We have our own line of in-house, custom built rifles, the Rocky Mountain Rifles! Click here to get in contact with our pros!

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Used Rifles

We carry a large inventory of used rifles and firearms. Our list is updated frequently!

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Huskemaw Scopes

Huskemaw Scopes


Huskemaw Long Range Optics

Huskemaw Long Range Optics

Huskemaw Optics – The leader in long range hunting scopes.

Huskemaw scopes represent the best in the industry in terms of easy to use, all-inclusive long distance shooting systems. Combining excellent glass, an effective custom turret system, and arguably the simplest, fastest wind compensation system available today, these optics represent the current pinnacle of long range, hunting oriented systems.

What makes Huskemaw the best?

    • All Huskemaw scopes are built around a custom turret system, which in turn is based on real-world data specific to your load, in your rifle. There are no “average” numbers used, and no guesswork involved. Shooting 800 yards is as simple as turning to the large “8” on your turret. This requires only seconds of your time, which can mean the difference between your prey ending up back in the bush rather than the back of your truck.
    • The Huskemaw custom turret is built around the concept of “TrueBC”. While other custom turret systems are generally built to match the velocity of a given calibre, even those that use real-world velocity numbers based on your rifle fail to account for variances in the advertised ballistic coefficient or BC. As an example, let’s say you are shooting a 7mm Remington Magnum, running 168 grain Berger VLD bullets. Nominally, this bullet has an advertised G1 BC of 0.617. However, given the differences between a G1 ballistic model and a boattail bullet, as well as any deformation that occurs as the bullet travels down the bore and any wobble before the bullet stabilises, this number is generally not accurate – by the time the bullet is downrange, it can have a BC of anywhere from the advertised 0.617 to 0.780! What this means is that a turret system calibrated for the 0.617 BC will become less and less precise the further away you are shooting, and most windage systems will fail to properly compensate for drift. The Huskemaw data collection process accounts for this by calculating the TrueBC of your bullet, i.e. the real world numbers, and your custom turret is built around this.
    • Unlike any other scope on the market, the Huskemaw’s windage system is built right into the custom turret and works in conjunction with the HuntSmart reticle to ensure shots can be properly placed even in windy conditions. It’s as simple as looking at the smaller number above your distance marking on the turret and holding over the appropriate number of hash marks inside the scope.
    • Huskemaw turrets feature either 20 or 30 MOA per revolution, depending on the model. This means that in a single revolution, most calibres will have a turret capable of reaching out to roughly 800 yards, and most magnums will get to just under 1000.
    • Huskemaw products purchased from us are backed up with an over-the-counter, lifetime warranty. No matter what happens, you’re covered.
  • Unlike many other optics offering premium glass and custom turret systems, Huskemaw scopes are competitively priced, with the lower magnification options carrying price tags more often found on good quality “mid-range” scopes.
  Huskemaw Models
1-6×24 Tactical Blue Diamond
Huskemaw 1-6x24 Tactical

Designed for competitive tactical shooting, where both quick target acquisition and long distance precision come into play, the 1-6×24 is right at home on a modern sporting rifle. Features a 30 MOA per revolution turret and 30mm tube, a 12 MOA BDC reticle with 16 MOA wind compensation, and 11 setting illumination.

3-12×42 Blue Diamond

The 3-12×42 Huskemaw is designed for versatility at close to medium ranges – great for smaller calibres such as .243s and hunting in areas with relatively thick brush. Features a standard 20 MOA per revolution turret and 30mm tube, and a 10 MOA BDC reticle with 8 MOA of wind compensation.

Huskemaw 3-12x42 Blue Diamond

4-16×42 Blue Diamond

The 4-16×42 is optimized to split the difference between the 3-12 and 5-20 Huskemaws. This scope goes well with virtually any calibre choice and can be used effectively both at long distances and right up close. Features a standard 20 MOA turret and 30mm tube, as well as a 10 MOA BDC reticle with 8 MOA of windage.

5-20×50 Blue Diamond

The original. The 5-20 pioneered the Huskemaw custom turret system and proved the effectiveness of both the TrueBC and wind compensation systems. Designed for true long range hunting, the 5-20 is ideal for knocking down those elusive elk 800 yards away. Featuring the standard 20 MOA turret and 30mm tube, as well as the HuntSmart rangefinding reticle with 8 MOA of windage compensation.


5-30×56 Tactical Blue Diamond

In case 20x magnification isn’t enough for you, Huskemaw now offers the massive 5-30 Tactical. Built for the true distance obsessed shooter, the 5-30 features a unique double stack turret system that allows for a total of 60 MOA of “dial the distance” adjustment over two revolutions, as well as a 34mm tube to allow it to accomplish this feat. Also features a 10 MOA BDC reticle with 12 MOA of windage compensation.

  Huskemaw Resources TrueBC Ballistics Calculator Brief Explanation Of Data Collection (Video) How To Properly Mount A Scope (Video) Our selection of Rangefinders Other Long Range Products    

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