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Used Pistols

We carry some used prohibited and non-prohibited pistols. Our list is updated frequently!

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Corlane’s Christensen

We have worked with Christensen Arms to build our very own limited edition Ridgeline! Check it out!

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Rocky Mountain Rifles

We have our own line of in-house, custom built rifles, the Rocky Mountain Rifles! Click here to get in contact with our pros!

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Used Rifles

We carry a large inventory of used rifles and firearms. Our list is updated frequently!

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Maps And Books

Maps And Books


We carry a very large selection of maps and books, spanning everything from incredibly detailed area atlases to tales of outdoor humour. While it’s impossible to list everything we carry, and stock changes frequently, below are some of our bestsellers.


Most of our maps can fall under one of two categories: Hunting oriented maps specific to the surrounding areas, or more general purpose recreational map books. Though we do sell quite a few landownership and other hunting specific maps when the season rolls around, our recreational map books, listed below, have by far the broadest appeal and are an excellent choice when planning an excursion.

Current Bestsellers
Title Description Scale Price UPC
McElhanney Peace River Area Recreation Atlas Details topography, hunting zones, oilfield roads and sites, both in use and out of use, as well as virtually anything else you could want. Covers the vast majority of the peace region. Mostly 1:110,000 $125.00 MCELHANNEYATLAS
Vector Northeastern BC Oil & Gas Atlas Details everything from campsites, airstrips, and well sites, to trapper indexes, topography, pipeline routes, and private and crown land. Very extensive, and arguably our most detailed map book. Covers a square area extending roughly from Vanderhoof, north to Fort Liard, east to Bistcho Lake, and south to Grande Cache. Mostly 1:250,000, individual town maps range from 1:30,000 to 1:15,000 $100.00 VECTORNEBC
Backroads Mapbooks Northern BC Fishing Mapbook Details access instructions, lake topography, species identification, facilities, stocking info, and advises on technique. Covers regions 5, 6, and 7. Varies greatly depending on the lake. $27.95 622098001327
Backroads Mapbooks Northern Alberta Backroad Mapbook Details all manner of roads and trails, certain wildlife management units, recreational areas, and cutlines, as well as much more. Info is included on accommodations, tours, fishing, etc. Covers a square area extending roughly from Two Lakes, north to Bistcho Lake, east to the Saskatchewan border, and south to Cold Lake. Mostly 1:250,000 $25.95 622098100181
Backroads Mapbooks Northern BC Backroad Mapbook 5th Edition Details all manner of roads and trails, certain wildlife management units, recreational areas, and cutlines, as well as much more. Info is included on accommodations, tours, fishing, etc. Covers most of BC, extending east from Port Canaveral to Kakwa Provincial Park, north to the NWT border, and west to the Alaska border. Mostly 1:250,000 $29.95 622098001488

A Note On Scale: The most common scale in mapping is 1:250,000, followed by 1:50,000 scale. The 1:250,000 scaling covers about 6,000 square miles but does not provide a great deal of detail. The 1:50,000 encompasses only 400 sq miles but provided much better detail. The location of farm buildings, dugouts, cutlines and other features, are shown. Most map books will be designed with 1:250,000 but will include a larger scale for areas where noting details is worthwhile.


Perhaps surprisingly, we carry an excellent selection of books, from survival and outdoor guides to humorous “true” stories involving the outdoors, to serious non-fiction books by famous hunters. Besides this, we also carry several history titles dealing with the Peace Region, the Alaska Highway, and other topics of more local interest. Stop in today to see what we have!

Besides these sort of titles, we also have all the required coursebooks for the CORE, PAL, and RPAL course. We can even sign you up for one!

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