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Used Pistols

We carry some used prohibited and non-prohibited pistols. Our list is updated frequently!

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Corlane’s Christensen

We have worked with Christensen Arms to build our very own limited edition Ridgeline! Check it out!

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Rocky Mountain Rifles

We have our own line of in-house, custom built rifles, the Rocky Mountain Rifles! Click here to get in contact with our pros!

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Used Rifles

We carry a large inventory of used rifles and firearms. Our list is updated frequently!

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Other Rifle Scopes


From inexpensive rimfire scopes, to tacticool scopes for your centerfire rifle, we carry a wide variety of scopes of all designs besides those listed under a particular brand. Our complete inventory is too large to list here, but take a peek at some of the stuff we typically have in stock, below!


As more and more people take up the shooting sport, demand for purpose built rimfire scopes has gone up. Most of the models below are geared specifically to rimfire rifles, featuring things like turrets and reticles calibrated for .22 LR ballistics, and close range parallax adjustment.

Burris Droptines

  • A good selection of magnification ranges and objective lens sizes available, from 2-7×35 to 4.5-14×40.
  • High quality lenses and coatings for good optical clarity.
  • Reticle and turret specifically calibrated for .22 LR.
  • Built tough and shockproofed.
  • Backed up by the Burris Forever Warranty.
  • Starting at: $209.99

Simmons .22 Mag Riflescope

  • Basic 3-9×32 for all around versatility.
  • Includes 3/8ths dovetail rings for easy mounting to many rifles.
  • Reticle and turret specifically calibrated for .22 mag.
  • Fully coated optics for good clarity.
  • Retail: $69.99
  • UPC: 045618110390

Simmons Protargets

  • Available in 3-12×40 and 6-18×40 ranges.
  • Fully coated optics for good clarity.
  • Calibrated for .22 LR or .17 HMR.
  • Side parallax generally starts at 25 yards – great for a rimfire rifle.
  • Retail (3-12×40 .17 HMR): $169.99
  • Retail (6-18×40 .22 LR): $179.99
  • UPC (3-12×40 .17 HMR): 045618533120
  • UPC (6-18×40 .22 LR): 045618536183

NcStar Compact Tactical Scope

  • Simple, fixed 4x30mm scope.
  • Basic multipurpose BDC reticle.
  • Ultra compact and light weight.
  • Excellent for small .22s, plinking guns, and airsoft rifles
  • Retail: $49.99
  • UPC: 814108010461


Want to extend the range on your SKS a little? Need something to put on that spare .223 you have kicking around? Got a shotgun that needs a sight? Here you’ll find some assorted centerfire optics we carry, perfect for any of the above.

Burris Fullfield E1 Illuminated

  • Basic 3-9x40mm goes well on any rifle.
  • High quality lenses and coatings for good optical clarity.
  • Illumination allows for better low light performance.
  • Built tough and shockproofed.
  • E1 ballistic reticle helps extend your range.
  • Backed up by the Burris Forever Warranty.
  • Retail: $429.99
  • UPC: 000381003225


  • Features both a basic fixed 4x magnifying optic, and a side mounted green dot.
  • Blue illuminated for extra tacticool-ness.
  • UTR reticle allows for basic BDC ability.
  • Built tough and shockproofed.
  • Designed to mount on any picatinny rail.
  • Battery included.
  • Retail: $219.99
  • UPC: 848754002181

NcStar Armoured Mk III Scopes

  • Available in several magnification ranges, from fixed 4x to 3-9x.
  • Rubber in armour for extra durability.
  • Several Basic BDC reticles for longer distance shooting.
  • Several colors of laser availabe.
  • Side mounted laser for close range shooting
  • Starting at: $249.99



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