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Used Pistols

We carry some used prohibited and non-prohibited pistols. Our list is updated frequently!

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Corlane’s Christensen

We have worked with Christensen Arms to build our very own limited edition Ridgeline! Check it out!

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Rocky Mountain Rifles

We have our own line of in-house, custom built rifles, the Rocky Mountain Rifles! Click here to get in contact with our pros!

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Used Rifles

We carry a large inventory of used rifles and firearms. Our list is updated frequently!

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Products Books / Maps / Guides

Books / Maps / Guides

The books we offer vary from beginner to the seasoned outdoorsmen, how-to books to the stories of the pioneer life of Canada. We also have a large selection of maps. We carry a variety of reloading manuals, Hornady, Berger, Lyman and more.

Current Bestsellers

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We also carry the required course manuals for both PAL courses and the CORE course.  The same applies for our DVD selection, many types of how-to including how to process wild game in the field and at home, taxidermy and even how to make different sausages. We have a large selection of high quailty map books, oilfield maps, topographic and land status maps. The maps vary in size and in area covered. 

  • The Backroad GPS Maps of Canada are designed to take you beyond the city and into the outdoors. With countless logging, industrial and bush roads, an elaborate trail system, wildlife management units and thousands of recreational points of interest, no other Garmin map source provides as much detail for Canada’s vast wilderness areas. We have BC GPS maps with 20,000 scale topographic maps, Alberta GPS maps with industrial roads.
  • With over 230 pages devoted to nothing but data, this newest Lyman Shotshell Reloading Handbook is the most complete and up-to-date shotshell reloading manual available. This new 5th edition covers cases, wads, and primers currently offered by all leading manufacturers in all gauges from .410 to 10 gauge. In addition, the latest and also the most popular powders from Alliant, Hodgdon, Accurate, IMR, VihtaVuori, Ramshot, Winchester are included.


Our selection changes rapidly, some of the most popular are:


  • Quest For Coyotes With Les Johnson
  • Deer And Big Game Processing- Vol. 1
  • The Truth: Big Bulls
  • Fooling Coyotes
  • Dogging Coyotes, Part II
  • Jim Shockey’s Series Of Videos
  • Elk Calling
  • The Best Of The West- 2009-2010 Season
  • Water Fowl
  • How To Dope The Wind Beyond Belief

There are a number of books on animal tracks of the northwest: Wild Animals Of Western Canada; Horses, Hounds, And Other Critters; there are wilderness books on wilderness tales, books on kayaking, books on trophy black-tail deer, books on the science of hunting; Camping In British Columbia; Gold Counters Manual and Gold Fever; Wild Animals Of The Canadian Rockies; a number of books onelk- elk tactics, your guide to finding elk, calling elk, and hunting elk; there are a number of pocketbooks on game-birds, as well as a large selection of books on cooking game-birds and big game; there are also a number of books on outdoor lifestyle and tracking of bears.

Corlanes also carries books on fishing and fly fishing: Get Started Fly Fishing, by Craig Schuhnann; Blue Creek Oat Fittings’ book Trail Writing, Packing, And Training; there are books on trees, one titled Trees Of The Northwest; there are books on plank cooking; many books on fly fishing and in trout lakes; books on cooking bannock and beans; books on lightweight backpacking- sample being The Boomers Guide To Lightweight Backpacking; books on the whisky wars of the Canadian west; many book on smoking food; books on time flies; there are also a number of books on birds and birding raptors of the west; and a number of books on canoeing and bears.

There are also some Backroad Map books, for recreation: The Northern B.C. Fishing Map Book; The Northern B.C. Backroad Map Book: Or Outdoor Recreation Guide; The Northern Alberta Backroad Map Book; other books include: The Canadian Firearms Safety Course- Student Handbook; The C.O.R.E British Columbia Hunter Safety Book (C.O.R.E. stands for Conservation Outdoor Recreation Education); and there is also the Canadian Restricted Firearm Safety Course- Student Handbook, as well as The British Columbia Road And Recreational Atlas- Sixth Edition.




Corlanes carries a large selection of maps for Northern British Columbia. We carry the Canadian Topographic Maps for British Columbia. All of Canada has been mapped as part of the National Topographic System. These maps are available folded up or in rolls depending on the area you are looking at. The most common scale is 1:250,000 scale. These maps are further subdivided into 16 separate sections covered by 1:50,000 scale maps.

Another very popular series is the rolled maps from McElhanney. Many we stock are covered in a protective, waterproof plastic covering. These are all very up to date and are of the best quality. These maps are Land Status Maps and include data on the land owners.

Current Bestsellers
Title Description Scale Price UPC
Vector Northeastern BC Oil & Gas Atlas Details everything from campsites, airstrips, and wellsites, to trapper indexes, topography, pipeline routes, and private and crown land. Very extensive, and arguably our most detailed mapbook. Covers a square area extending roughly from Vanderhoof, north to Fort Liard, east to Bistcho Lake, and south to Grande Cache. Mostly 1:250,000, individual town maps range from 1:30,000 to 1:15,000 $100.00 VECTORNEBC
Backroads Mapbooks Northern BC Fishing Mapbook Details access instructions, lake topography, species and specie identification, facilities, stocking info, and advises on technique. Covers regions 5, 6, and 7. Varies greatly depending on lake. $27.95 622098001327
Backroads Mapbooks Northern Alberta Backroad Mapbook Details all manner of roads and trails, certain wildlife management units, recreational areas, and cutlines, as well as much more. Info is included on accommodations, tours, fishing, etc. Covers a square area extending roughly from Two Lakes, north to Bistcho Lake, east to the Saskatchewan border, and south to Cold Lake. Mostly 1:250,000 $25.95 622098100181
Backroads Mapbooks Northern BC Backroad Mapbook Details all manner of roads and trails, certain wildlife management units, recreational areas, and cutlines, as well as much more. Info is included on accommodations, tours, fishing, etc. Covers most of BC, extending east from Port Canaveral to Kakwa Provincial Park, north to the NWT border, and west to the Alaska border. Mostly 1:250,000 $25.95 622098001433


The most common scale in mapping is 1:250,000 and then 1:50,000 scale. The 1:250,000 area covers about 6,000 square miles but does not provide a a great deal of detail. The 1:50,000 encompasses only 400 sq miles but provided much better detail. The location of farm buildings, dugouts, cutlines and other features, are shown.The lay of the land is well depicted as the contours or lines of equal elevation are shown at 25 ft intervals.



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