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Used Pistols

We carry some used prohibited and non-prohibited pistols. Our list is updated frequently!

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Corlane’s Christensen

We have worked with Christensen Arms to build our very own limited edition Ridgeline! Check it out!

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Rocky Mountain Rifles

We have our own line of in-house, custom built rifles, the Rocky Mountain Rifles! Click here to get in contact with our pros!

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Used Rifles

We carry a large inventory of used rifles and firearms. Our list is updated frequently!

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Shotguns Benelli Shotguns

Benelli Shotguns


Benelli has been making legendary shotguns since day one, mostly based on their unique inertia action. Benelli also has made forays into the gas-operated market with their famous M4 series of shotguns, designed for tactical use as opposed to the sporting uses of their inertia designs. Benelli has recently also branched out into over/under manufacture, as well as building gas operated semi-automatic rifles.

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Corlanes has its own branded T-Shirts and Ballcaps for both Men and Women. 4 different sizes and cool colors including white image on black, purple on grey shirt and more! Stop by the store today!

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