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Used Pistols

We carry some used prohibited and non-prohibited pistols. Our list is updated frequently!

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Corlane’s Christensen

We have worked with Christensen Arms to build our very own limited edition Ridgeline! Check it out!

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Rocky Mountain Rifles

We have our own line of in-house, custom built rifles, the Rocky Mountain Rifles! Click here to get in contact with our pros!

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Used Rifles

We carry a large inventory of used rifles and firearms. Our list is updated frequently!

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Reactive Targets

Reactive Targets


We carry a variety of reactive targets designed to make long distance, skeet, and small calibre shooting easier and even more exciting.

  Reactive targets are designed to give a shooter positive and easily visible feedback while shooting targets – while a small hole can be difficult to see at 700 yards, a small explosion is not.

Firebird targets are specifically designed for small calibre and low-velocity firearms that will not trigger other reactive targets, including things like air rifles and shotguns. They are a great way to put some extra excitement into your next skeet shoot or to make shooting 300 yards with your rimfire much easier.

Diameter Purpose Noise Level Price UPC
40mm Airgun / Rimfire Quiet $19.99 609207237884
40mm Airgun / Rimfire Loud $19.99 609207237891
40mm Centerfire Loud $19.99 609207237877
65mm Centerfire Loud $19.99 609207237860
65mm Shotgun Loud $19.99 609207237853

Tannerite is a binary explosive reactive target designed to help you check hits at long distance, or just to give you something a little more exciting to shoot at than cans and paper.

Size Price In Stock UPC
6x 1/2 LBs $30.00 Yes 736211088666
20x 1/2 LBs $94.00 Yes 736211088468
4x 1 LBs $35.00 Yes 736211088864
10x 1 LBs $88.00 Yes 736211088567

MegaBoom represents a different idea in the reactive target market. Rather than relying on the explosive force for its bang, and requiring high-velocity impacts to detonate, it’s based on the simple principles of supersonic expansion. MegaBoom can be set off with pretty much anything, from rifles to slingshots! It’s also cheap – all you need is the MegaBoom stand and some empty 1 or 2-litre bottles. Besides being an affordable system, setting off a MegaBoom target is also very safe, and doesn’t produce flame or shrapnel. If you want a visual component to your explosions, just add a little flour to the bottle!

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is that stuff even legal? Do I need special permits to buy it? Absolutely! Both Firebird targets and Tannerite have been inspected and tested by the appropriate people in the Canadian Government, and are imported and sold legally and above the board. At present, a PAL or explosives licence is required to purchase reactive targets. There are no other special permits required – the only limitation on Tannerite is that no more than 40 LBs can legally be stored in one place without that location being registered as a powder magazine. Firebird targets can be purchased with the same qualifications. MegaBOOM target stands are exempt from any sort of qualifications, and from most of the below – they just required empty 1 or 2-litre bottles! 2. I see lots of videos with fireballs and stuff – are these targets dangerous? As with anything explosive, misuse or irresponsibility can obviously lead to injury. That said, when used properly Tannerite is quite safe. In it’s “shipping” form, both parts of the target are more or less completely inert. Once mixed, it still takes a tremendous amount of friction energy to set off the target. Targets should be shot from a minimum distance of about 100 yards or further as a precaution. Firebird targets produce a similarly spectacular visual effect, but explode with much less force and are designed for close range shooting. 3. My Tannerite doesn’t produce fireballs, just big bangs! This is by design, and part of what makes Tannerite quite a bit safer than most other explosive-reactive target products. Tannerite is actually an “oxygen robber” – rather than putting out a heat wave, it strictly puts out pressure. In theory, this means there is virtually no fire risk from shooting it during a dry summer, though it’s never a bad idea to bring a fire extinguisher along with you. Please note that most Firebird products do produce a spark, and shouldn’t be used in dry areas. 4. I want to order some – do I need to pay any dangerous goods fees for shipping? Yes, unfortunately. Due to recent changes in Tannerite’s classification, it is now counted as a dangerous good and must be shipped via courier. Shipping will run approximately $27 in addition to freight fees. 5. This is officially labelled as a target, can I shoot it at the gun range? Due to noise concerns, many ranges will NOT allow Tannerite. We have not heard of any generally accurate information on Firebird targets. Check with your local range administration before setting any off. 6. My Tannerite doesn’t go off when I hit it. What’s wrong? Could be a few things. Make sure you’re mixing it right – check out the video below if you aren’t sure. If it’s well mixed, then you may be shooting it with too slow a rifle – the bullet needs to be going about 2000 feet per second to generate enough friction to set it off. Lastly, make sure you hit it roughly in the centre. Firebird targets are designed for lower velocities, and should consistently go off if stuck near the centre.
  7. My MegaBoom targets don’t make much of a mega boom. What’s going on here? For the best results, your bottle should be pressured up to around 100 PSI. This is why the MegaBoom guys suggest using a bicycle pump – most will come with a built-in pressure gauge. So long as the bottle is pressured properly, you should get a pretty impressive bang.

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